Welcome Home

Plot Twist!! Derek and I are homeowners again.

Honestly, this was the last thing I thought we were going to do after selling our house in West Des Moines. I was pretty certain we would be buying an RV or buying a plot of land in the mountains. We weren’t even really looking to buy a house in Iowa – so what happened?

Apartment life was rough, a lot more difficult than my memory lead me to remember. Our apartment complex was located on a pretty busy road, so our daily walks weren’t enjoyable.¬†After having our own space for almost 5 years, sharing walls and halls with others stunk (in more than one way). Derek and I had both had it with living in an apartment but we are horrible at making decisions. Our nightly conversations started with “what do you want to do” and ended with “I don’t know”.

Surfing Zillow and Realtor.com had become a pastime of mine, searching from Iowa to Colorado to South Dakota. One day I happened to be searching in Iowa and came across a new listing in Polk City. Normally we wouldn’t have even considered this location, but this time I started to think about it. The location seemed ideal, close to two large lakes, walking distance to a nice trail that goes forever, small town feel but still close to the metro.

One hundred percent, I wanted the house more than Derek did (does). I enjoy the convenience of having our own place, while he enjoys freedom. So from an adventure standpoint, were does this leave us? Currently, that is up in the air. We are going to focus on enjoying what Polk City has to offer us. Talks of purchasing an RV and doing 50/50 have come up again. Who knows, in 6 months or a year we might be looking to sell or rent the place. If I have learned anything in life, it is that nothing is permanent – except death.









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