Class A Winnebago Search

Used Class A Winnebago Camper Search

It hasn’t even been a month since we moved into our new house. Most people live years in the same place, but we are on the hunt for something new. Derek has compromised with me for the 5 years. Living in a house in Iowa is certainly not what he envisions for our family. Living in a camper last summer was by far the happiest I have seen him in a really long time. I can no longer be the reason he isn’t living his dreams. My mind should have listened to my heart, but that’s life.

RVE Summit 2019

A few weeks ago I received a newsletter talking about the 2019 RVE¬†Summit (hosted by Heath & Alyssa, The RV Entrepreneur) and it was in that instant I knew what we needed to do. If you are unfamiliar, the summit is created for RVs who are also entrepreneur. I tried to win us free tickets in the contest, but that failed. Fear normally would have taken over, we don’t even own a camper and we literally just bought a house. A couple of clicks later and we now have two tickets to the summit!

Our family is headed to the summit in 2019, we probably need a camper. On the adventure, we had learned it just wasn’t a good setup for us as a family. We both HATED driving the truck and the camper was too big to stay in the places we imagined staying. Derek and I both agreed that if we ever wanted to go full-time RVing, we would want some type of a smaller motor home. After returning to Iowa last year, one of the first things we did was sell the fifth wheel and the truck.

Camper Hunting

Initially when we started talking about RVing again, my plan was to purchase a new motor home and use that part of the year for Derek to get his adventure fix and live in the house the other part of the year for me to get my convenience fix. From time to time we visit RV dealerships, and every.single.time I am immediately drawn to the brand spanking new campers – hello, they are pretty. It is actually pretty impressive we don’t have a brand new $80k camper currently sitting in our driveway.

After doing some research, our search has headed in a different direction. Winnebago is the brand that keeps coming up when we ask full-timers for suggestions. Honestly, we hadn’t even really looked at that brand because new ones were WAY out of our budget. The other thing that keeps coming up when asking for suggestion, is purchasing used instead of new. At first I hated the idea, most older campers are ugly and totally don’t feel like home. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winning idea.¬†Older remodeled campers, my mind completely switched. These remodeled campers a super cute and fit into our budget.

Our hunt is now on for a used Class A Winnebago motor home around 25-27 feet. This length has proven a little more difficult to find, but it will allow us to stay at places we wished we could have stayed on our last adventure. If you, or someone you know is looking to part with the camper we are looking for, please send them our way!

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