State Parks of Utah

It has been awhile since I have done an update so I figured I should probably get on that. After we left Bryce we spent a couple of weeks hanging out at the state parks of Utah. Since neither Derek or I have ever been to Utah, we wanted to spend a decent amount of time checking it out. We have learned that we are really “resort RV park” type of people, so we were really excited to find some state parks to stay at as we made our way North.

Yuba State Park ($25/night): The campsite had water and electric, which was perfect. If you like to ATV this is totally the place for you. I am pretty sure we were the only campers without an ATV. Because there were so many ATV trails we opted for mountain biking instead of hiking at this park. There was also a really nice lake that we frequently walked the dog to.

Utah Lake State Park ($30/night): The campground offered either full hookups or partial hookups. We opted for the partial hookups because it was $5/night cheaper. The views at this campground were beyond amazing! It was right on a lake and had tons of snowcapped mountains in the distance.

This campground was located really close to Provo, UT, which was the major reason we picked it. At this point in the trip we needed to find a Walgreens and a Banfield to fill our prescriptions and Derek wanted to get the tires on the truck rotated. In between running all of our errands we were able to get a hike in and we also ended up buying kayaks that we were able to test out. On our hike we ran into an older couple that were in town watching their grandchildren and they suggested a few places for our next destination.

Bear Lake State Park ($25/night): Full hookups were the only option at this campground. The first night we arrived was perfect and there were many 3 or 4 other people camping. However, because it was Memorial Day Weekend the campground filled up quickly and we actually couldn’t even reserve our spot for Sunday night. This particular location didn’t have a lot to offer for biking or hiking but we were able to get more use out of our kayaks – which are a pain in the butt to pack in the camper. The older couple that we had met in Provo suggested getting shakes and fries at Zipz, but unfortunately it wasn’t opening until after Memorial Day. We opted for a different restaurant and it was pretty tasty.

While Derek was showering the water stopped working, which we assumed just meant we had used all the water in our tank. After refilling the tank some and still not getting any water we realized our issue was a little bit bigger than just running out of water – our water pump had stopped working. We have warranty on the camper, but I guess they only work Monday – Friday and certainly not on a holiday weekend. Because we had full hookups at our next two stays we decided it wasn’t a huge issue and we would worry about it at our next stop.

Good-bye Utah…Hello Wyoming!

We had a layover night in Star Valley RV Park ($42/night): mainly because it was the only place we could find with availability on the Sunday night of Memorial Day Weekend. The campground was fine, it was actually a retirement community that also rents out some spaces. It had full hookups and was decently priced, we just didn’t love how close our neighbors were – they really pack you in. The ladies at the office were really nice and one even suggested a hike for us.

Most RV places aren’t open on Sundays, we learned this after calling everyone in the Star Valley area. Luckily, we were able to find someone working on Memorial Day who delivered the pump to our site, score for us!

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