Our Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure

Adventure Awaits

Derek and I are those crazy people that enjoy adventure, nature, being outdoors, and physical activity. A few years ago, we visited Gray’s Lake. The park rents out kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards for a pretty reasonable price. The two of us decided to rent a canoe and floated around Gray’s Lake – it was a terrible experience. We just couldn’t get in sync when it came to paddling together. After that experience, we planned on purchasing kayaks. This way we would both have our own vessel to control. Like most things, we talked about purchasing the kayaks but never actually made the purchase.

When we started our RVing adventure, the places we kept ending up at had lakes. After a few missed opportunities, we broke down and bought a couple of inexpensive kayaks. The views we got while using them were simply amazing. Another huge perk of kayaking was how quite and peaceful it was.

Views while Kayaking at Grand Teton National Park.

The biggest downfall of the kayaks (at least while RVing) was they were a pain in the butt to load and store. They were fairly heavy and took up a ton of our limited space. Typically, we would unload them once we arrived at a campground and keep them outside until it was time to pack up and head to the next location. Once we got settled back into life in a house, we never used the kayaks. After sitting untouched in our basement for far too long, we opted to sell them. We decided if we ended up living the RV lifestyle again, inflatable kayaks would be more practical.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Our new house is surrounded by two different lakes and we knew we wanted to be able to get on the water. SUP or Stand up paddle boards seem to be all the rage lately. A friend of ours started a SUP Yoga business (Hook & Bo Yoga) and I was fascinated by how versatile paddle boards are. Derek and I decided to give SUP boards a try. We purchased Aqua Marina Vapor off of Amazon. This model was relatively low in price and had decent reviews.

For the middle of September, it is still crazy hot here in Iowa. While I am totally ready for fall weather, it was nice to get a chance to try the new boards out last weekend. Recommendations lead us to Big Creek Lake, as it is typically less populated. Big Creek was beautiful, I am hoping it stays warm enough to check out the lake once the trees start changing colors.

Big Creek Lake – Saylorville Reservoir, IowaBig Creek Lake - Saylorville Reservoir, Iowa

Just relaxing on my paddle board

Derek practicing a one leg plank

From our experience, paddle boarding takes a lot more skill and coordination than kayaking ever did. The paddle board allow for variations that weren’t possible with the kayaks. We were able to sit, stand, kneel, lay down, and even practice some simple yoga moves. I only fell in the water once, so I’m counting that a successful day on the water!

Stay tuned for our next adventure!


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