Of All the Paths You Take in Life, Make sure a few of them are dirt

Last time I posted we were trying to find a place to stay near Page, AZ for Friday night. We had a placed booked near Zion for Saturday – Tuesday. After doing some research Derek found a place for us to stay for a quick night layover.

Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping: ($14/night): Primitive camping means no electricity or running water. You camp in a remote location and provide everything for yourself. This was a completely new experience for us – you pay to camp and then camp anywhere on the beach. We ended up purchasing an extra battery, so we can hopefully do this type of camping a little more often.

We also checked out Horseshoe Bend while we were staying near Page. It was a bit of a hike, but the dogs were allowed to go with us which was really nice. I will admit Derek and I are a bit more of mountain people rather than beach people. The beach was neat, but we were both ready to head back to the mountains.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort: ($55/night): From one end of the spectrum to the other. This campground has everything you could want and full hook-ups. We were surprised when they had an opening Saturday – Tuesday. They warned us it would be a little busy because the resort was hosting a Ragnar Trail Relay Race. It was a complete mess when we arrived, there were people everywhere and we had to sit on the side of the road for about an hour before we could make our way to the RV campground. Luckily there were super nice people in the site next to ours that helped Derek back into the site – I had no idea how to help him. Once we finally got settled in we have been enjoying the campsite quite a bit. There are several trails nearby that we can take the dogs on. And while the site wasn’t easy to get into, we are secluded so we don’t have to worry about the dogs barking when we leave them in the camper to go to Zion.

Zion has been amazing, Derek and I both agreed we would both come back to visit it again. We had time to hike two trails while staying here. Yesterday we hiked the East Rim Trail which was near the entry of Zion. The trail had amazing views and also wasn’t overly busy. This morning we hiked the Emerald Pools Trails and it was filled with a lot more people.

Tomorrow we are packing up and headed to Bryce Canyon. We have had several different people tell us that Bryce is truly life changing, so Derek and I are pretty excited to check it out. Unfortunately, the weather looks to be less than ideal while we will be at Bryce (lows in the 20’s and highs in the 40’s). Luckily, we have our $7 space heater and some propane to run the furnace.


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