Just Stop

Recently I began reading Girl, Wash Your Face, and it really got me thinking. Why do we judge each other so damn much? Seriously, what do we gain from gossip? Do we feel better about ourselves by putting others down? Does it help hide those things we feel insecure about?

It does not. So just stop!!

I hate to say it but I was one of those ‘mean girls’ growing up. No, I wasn’t the prettiest or the smartest or the best at sports. My list of insecurities was plenty long, but those were the things I would pick to make fun of someone else for. Forget all those fingers pointing back at me, there was at least one finger pointed at someone else. For so long I truly believed that if I pointed out the flaws of others, it would somehow make me cooler or more popular. That sounds so fricken ridiculous as I am writing it, but it was what I thought.

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always.

In the world today (especially with social media) it is so easy to judge those that are different than you. Why take the time to see the world from their point of view? If they don’t think what you think, they are clearly wrong. The crazy part is we simply judge based on what we see or have been told, instead of taking the time to build a deeper relationship with others.

Do you talk trash about the girl who is dressed different than you? Do you roll your eyes at the mom whose kid is having a meltdown at the restaurant? You assume you know the whole situation – but you don’t.

When you admire something about another woman, tell her. Get into the habit of lifting each other up.

A little more kindness. A little less judgment.




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