Home is Where We Park It

We have made it an entire week RVing, and I finally realize now why they say it is a roller coaster ride. One day everything goes perfect just as planned, and the next everything that could go wrong…goes wrong.

Before leaving the sand dunes I decided to do the dishes quick so we didn’t have a sink full while driving. After washing the dishes the sink wouldn’t drain and the water smelt horrible. After water started leaking by the tire and in the camper, we¬†learned that our camper has not one, but TWO grey water tanks, information that would have come in handy ūüėź

It has taken a few travel days, but we have realized that driving is part of the adventure. Derek used to get so stressed when thinking about driving the camper through the mountains, but on the way from the sand dunes to Durango we just took our time and actually enjoyed the sites along the way.

We have come to the¬†realization¬†that we didn’t budget¬†enough for the nightly cost of RV sites. Before we started out we were thinking about $30/night, but it looks like it is closer to $40/night. Derek and I talked before starting out that we aren’t going to stress about the cost of the trip. We know we have enough in savings, so we just need to enjoy it – it really is a once in a lifetime trip.

Lightner Creek Campground: ($39/night):¬†This campground has been my favorite so far! It is a little bigger than we have stayed at in the past, but being so early in the season and during the week it is fairly quite here. There is a creek that runs right through the entire campground, which is super peaceful. This campground again is full hook-up which I’m really starting to enjoy, it makes stressing about water a thing of the past.¬†

In the morning we have been taking the dogs for short hikes, so everyone else is napping right now. Later this afternoon we are planning to head to Historic Durango. I think Derek is secretly hoping that wins me over, he is completely in love with Durango and I still think it’s a little too far from family. It is also about time to do laundry, which they have at the campgrounds, so that will be tonights activity.

Tomorrow morning we are getting new tires put on the RV. Our next stop is Cortez, CO which is a pretty short drive (only about 50 miles). We are only planning to spend one night in Cortez before making our way to the Grand Canyon Village. I am pretty excited to see the Grand Canyon, since I have heard so many great things about it.

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