Glacier National Park – The Last Major Stop

Glacier National Park

According to the National Park Service “by 2030, Glacier National Park will be without active glaciers.” We knew this was a place we had to visit before all the glaciers had melted. We would highly recommend you add this to your bucket list sooner than later! I talked about West Glacier in my latest post The Bad News is Time Flies. The Good News is You’re the Pilot. A hitch-hiker (aka a mouse) decided to join us at this campground and I was less that impressed.

East Glacier

After the whole mouse incident, I really was ready to pack the camper up and just drive home. However, Derek encouraged me not to let a tiny little creature ruin our journey, so we set a few mouse traps and headed east.

In all honesty neither of us were overly impressed with West Glacier. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty and the hike and kayaking were good, just not sure it is a place we would return. So when Derek wanted to drive 50 miles out of the way to head up to St. Mary, MT on the East side of Glacier, I wasn’t thrilled. Oh my goodness, was I even wrong – St. Mary has been our second favorite stop! It was a bit chilly while we were here (around 50’s) but the views were beyond amazing. We were hoping to kayak on St. Mary lake, but because it was so cold we opted for two hikes instead.

Johnson’s Campground and RV ParkĀ ($45/night): we were both just excited to get out of the mouse infested campground of West Glacier. The sites were a little closer together than we like, but the views easily made up for it. The RV sites are on top of a hill, so you get to see both Lake St. Mary and mountains, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

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