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After returning from our RV adventure, we promised each other we would budget for vacations and take them frequently. Guess what, we lied. Next week we have been back in Iowa for a full year, and we have taken O-N-E real vacation (we spent 19 hours in Houston, but that doesn’t count).

On our one vacation Derek and I spent a few days in Colorado last November. I’m pretty sure Colorado is the only place we are allowed to vacation!!  We started in Fort Collins, which has become our tradition. It is nice to see old friends, hike familiar trails, and eat at delicious restaurants. Next we made our way to Woodland Park and tried out Airbnb for the first time, because I may have a slight obsession with the tiny house movement!!

Fort Collins, CO & Woodland Park, CO – November 2017

Derek and I are mountain lovers, our hearts are most happy when we are hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, etc. On the other hand, we love being close to family and the network of friends and acquaintances we have built while living in Des Moines during the last 5 years.

I feel like a broken record (check out this blog I posted back in 2016). We are once again on a mission to figure out what we want out of life, which appears to be more difficult than we expected. A few options we are considering:

  • Move to a small(ish) mountain town
  • Full-time RVing
  • Townhouse in Des Moines and part-time RVing
explore. dream. discover.

In an effort to narrow down our options, we are headed out to explore and discover new parts of Colorado. Next week we will be visiting two smaller mountain towns, Leadville and Gunnison, with a quick layover in Woodland Park. Check a few facts for each town below (charts source: NOAA). Looking at the lows, I will be packing our winter coats, hats, and mittens. It will be a crazy change from the 100 degree temperatures we are currently experiencing in Iowa.

Woodland Park:

Population ~7,000


Population: ~2,500


Population: ~6,000


















By this time next week, hopefully we have narrowed down our options. Be sure to check out Just Jump Adventures on Facebook to see photos during our adventure.

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