Be the rainbow

Back at it, this time with a new color!!

About a month ago I made the decision to FINALLY give coloring my hair a fun color a try. I had been thinking about coloring it for years, but never could find the courage to actually do it. What if people talked about me? What if I hated the new color? What if… Seriously, the list could go on forever, the conversations I have in my head typically go like that.

Saving money is important to me, so I knew I needed to find a dye I could do myself at home with no experience. While I totally understand the reasons behind going to a salon and having your hair professional colored, I couldn’t bring myself to drop $100s of dollars every couple of months. Doing research isn’t a strong suit of mine, normally I just pick something and go with it. Since this was kinda a big deal, my laptop came out and searching occurred.

Arctic Fox Hair Color stood out to me for two main reasons – animals <3

**100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free**

**15% Donated to Stop Animal Cruelty**

Arctic Fox is sold online and also at a couple of local retailers, which I saw as a huge perk because I could just run and pick out the colors I wanted and not have to wait for shipping (patience also isn’t a strong suit of mine). Doing purple or pink was always the color I envisioned when I pictured myself with colored hair, so that was the place to start.

                 Purple Rain
                 Virgin Pink

For my first go at coloring my own hair, I opted for a mix of Purple Rain & Virgin Pink. Absolutely in love!!

                                                                       My Results

In the FAQ it said the dye should last anywhere between 4-8 weeks, if you follow the care instructions. Personally, I wasn’t going to use cold water to wash my hair or avoid swimming. That being said, I was disappointed with the wear time. The color seemed to wash out every time I washed my hair and ended up only lasting about a week. With these results I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford coloring my hair every week. Which meant leaving my hair my natural color for a few weeks in between – which was okay since we were busy attending weddings.

Searching the internet lead me to turquoise hair and I decided that would be my next experiment. Once again, I decided to mix colors because I wasn’t sure what type of results I would get with darker hair.


For my second go at coloring my own hair, I opted for a mix of Poseidon & Aquamarine. Not as much in love. Looking in the mirror after getting out of the shower, I felt like a smurfette. Blow drying and straightening my hair help and it is starting to grown on me.

                                                               My Results

Overall, I have been happy with the Arctic Fox Hair Colors. While the actual colors vary on your hair color – they have all shown up pretty bright in my light brown hair. Since the colors do seem to wash out so quickly, I won’t always be having colored hair (I would be broke). It is nice that you can experiment with different colors and if you hate the results they wash out soon after.

Check out the Arctic Fox and let me know what color you think I should try next!!

**For the best results, the website does recommend having light hair. Stripping my own hair at home isn’t going to happen. Color results may vary based on your starting hair color**

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