A Trip of a Lifetime or a Lifetime of Trips

After covering almost 5,000 miles we have completed our RVing adventure – I cannot believe how quickly it went. Seriously, I feel like it was just yesterday that Derek came to me with this crazy idea. Sure there were ups and downs to the trip, but let’s be honest that is just life. The places and things we were able to see along the way were beyond amazing. We would often find ourselves at a lack of words to describe the amazing scenery. I am glad I was able to share pictures along our journey, but it seriously doesn’t even come close to doing these places justice.

We often talked about how this was “a trip of a lifetime.” But the more we talked, the more we realized that this is just the start of a lifetime of trips. Sure we are headed back home and will return to work, but we are going to try to focus a little more on using PTO for vacations instead of just sitting at home.

So if you need any tips on places you should visit out west be sure to hit us up. We are more then happy to share our thoughts and opinions about the places we visited!! Thank you for following along on our journey – and if anyone is thinking about doing this adventure we will have a truck and camper for sale soon 😉

Our 1st RV

2005 Outback 29FHBS

RVing Trip #1 Route

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