Our First Adventure

Somedays it feels like just yesterday, and other days it seems like a lifetime ago.

Derek and I determined we were tired of living the lifestyle we had created and had become accustomed to. We were ready for a change of pace and more adventure, full-time RVing was just what we were looking for (or so we thought). After purchasing a used truck and fifth wheel, we listed our beloved first house for sale.

Soon after, health issues started arising and we made the decision to remove our house from the market and store the camper. Winter came and went, and slowly but surely health was restored at the Arends’ household. Unfortunately, fear and uncertainty decided to make an appearance as well; living in a nice house wasn’t horrible, maybe we should just sell the camper.

Instead of making a decision we just kept putting it off and continued to live our normal happy comfortable lives. One afternoon while out for drinks, we ran into our neighbor who was curious when we were taking off. His mother-in-law was looking for a place to stay over the summer and they were thinking our house would make the perfect rental for her.

The stars had finally aligned and Derek and I determined fear wouldn’t run our lives ANYMORE! Our two week notices were submitted, Derek mapped out a route, and we hit the open road.

West Des Moines, IA • Fort Collins, CO • Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO • Durango, CO • Grand Canyon National Park, AZ • Page, AZ • Zion National Park, UT • Bryce Canyon National Park, UT • Provo, UT • Bear Lake State Park, UT • Star Valley Ranch, WY • Grand Teton National Park, WY • Yellowstone National Park, WY • Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, MT • Butte, MT • Glacier National Park, MT • Sheridan, WY • Black Hills National Forest, SD • West Des Moines, IA

Living in a camper and traveling certainly had it’s ups and downs. One of the most amazing things was, it allowed us to see more than some people will see their entire life. After returning home we quickly returned to our comfortable lives. Two years and two moves later, the itch is making a comeback. Derek and I are currently searching for a used (2002 or newer) Winnebago Sightseer 30B.

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